Tree Grading

Bailey Nurseries bareroot trees are available in various sizes to fit your budget and production needs. Since every customer’s situation is different, this variety gives you the flexibility to purchase liners to grow on in your own production, or fully branched trees ready for retail or landscape installation.


A whip may have no branches or a minimum number of lightly calipered branches. Typically has a 1 year-top.

Light-Branched Trees

Great for lining out, not symmetrically branched.

Branched Trees

With tops that have been growing for at least two years, these have a strong central leader and symmetrical lateral branching.

Transplant Trees (TT)

These trees offer a compact, fibrous root system, large caliper, a heavier head and better branching.

Clump Types

Having 3 or more separate stems that were grown together. Graded as branched trees, averaging the branching of all stems.


Having 3 or more canes growing from one stem. Graded as branched trees, averaging the branching of all stems.

Globe or Upright Types

#1 Heavy and #1: Caliper at or above 7/8” with a head of at
 least 8”

#1 Light and #2: Caliper less
than 7/8”

Weeping Trees

#1 Heavy and #1: Caliper at or above 7/8”

#1 Light and #2: Caliper less
than 7/8”

Grading Videos

Designed just for you - Gain practical tips to choose the right bareroot liner for your production needs in a series of short and simple videos.

Branched Shade Tree Grades

See what we look for when grading branched bareroot trees.

Clump Grades Explained

Find out how we produce and grade clump form bareroot trees.

High-limbed Designation

See what varieties use the high-limbed designation for bareroot grading.

Hydrangea paniculata Tree Form grades

See the difference between regular, light and select grades in H. paniculata tree forms.

Malus caliper trees

Malus varieties are grown on both Sprout-Free™ and standard type rootstocks.

Heavy grade bareroot trees

Shane Brockhaus explains what we look for in heavy grade bareroot trees.

Globe and Upright Ornamental Trees

Get insights into our Globe and Ornamental Upright growing and grading process among common varieties.

Shade Trees

A virtual tour of the Bailey process — makes comparing common grades and varieties of Shade trees a cinch.

Shrub and Rose Grading

Similar to our trees, Bailey Nurseries’ shrubs and roses are graded at the “Bailey Grade,” well above the American Standard for Nursery Stock. These categories of plants are either graded by cane height and heft, crown size or width.

Shrub & Rose Grading

Get insights into the Bailey process for crown-graded shrubs and roses, plus suggested use and grower notes.

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