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Rounding out a planting schedule makes it nearly impossible to rely on one liner option. Not to mention, turning inventory is as critical in our industry as it is for the grocer down the street.

JumpStarts® potted liners allow you to extend your growing window beyond springtime. This not only spreads out labor costs, but it enables you to align production timing to quickly and easily meet customer demands. Control growth early on to avoid the woody structure of Bareroot varieties such as Syringa and Euonymus.

Designed for fast
finishing times

Minimized transplant shock

Available in 15 count trays, the hexagonal design reduces shock and stress.
Plug width: 3.9"
Plug depth: 4.2"
Tray size: 13.8" x 23.02"


Choose from over 140 varieties including Endless Summer® Hydrangeas, First Editions® Plants and Easy Elegance® Roses.

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