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Bailey has been providing quality true to type rootstocks, seedlings, rooted cuttings, and potted liners to the nursery and fruit industry for over 30 years. Consistency, quality, and availability of the most popular and leading genetics is a core component of our business.

To achieve those goals requires dedication to best-in-class propagation techniques, investment into research and development, and technical support to ensure your success.

The following are just a few of the many techniques used at Bailey to get you off to the right start


Some varieties within genera such as Cercis or Populus have regional differences that affect their hardiness or adaptability to certain altitudes. To ensure your success seed is sourced from the regions where it will be grown and note those differences in our order forms so you can choose the right tree for your needs.


As critical as true-seed is, so is healthy and true to type scion and budwood to creating a healthy liner. Orchards on the West Coast and the Midwest are maintained with the strictest standards including Certified Virus Indexing for many fruit trees so you can trust the product to be successful in your production and for your customers.


Producing true to name, timely, consistent, and high-quality plant material that will perform is a
core component of our propagation program. Having a tissue culture lab in Dayton, Oregon
gives us an alternative technique for varieties that have low germination rates or are slow to root from cuttings. This ensures that we can respond to market volatility and have products in the pipeline for genera such as Betula, Cotinus, Gingko, Loropetalum, Pyrus, and French hybrid Syringa.


One of the most common techniques utilized in growing shrubs and some trees, our hard and softwood cuttings are always locally sourced. Young plants get their start in the greenhouse rooting in sand beds. While this medium has many cultural advantages, you can see the difference in the strong fibrous root systems that it produces.


Bailey offers a fantastic selection of rootstocks for commercial fruit producers and wholesale growers including the most popular varieties and genetics.


• 22 acres of CVI orchards in Oregon produce zone hardy, strong anchoring ornamental and fruit trees in dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard heights.
• In house production laboratories for Prunus Gisela® and Pyrus OHxF selections.
• Dedicated tissue culture research teams develop new and better propagation techniques.
• Tissue culture products are DNA finger printed.
• On-site acclimation greenhouses ensure young plants are ready for shipment and planting.

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