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For over a century, our bareroot products have been the foundation of our own Bailey finished container products. We’re incredibly selective and have developed grading standards that exceed the American Standard for Nursery Stock.

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Choose from over 1,600 varieties of trees, shrubs, vines, roses, fruits and perennials.


Success from the roots up.

At Bailey Nurseries, our finished products are the largest consumer of bareroot liners. As a fellow grower, you can trust that you’re getting the same quality liners for your own production. Many of those liners get their start in our own tissue culture lab, seed beds, and from rooted cuttings propagated in our own greenhouses and fields in Minnesota and Oregon. Controlling the quality from the start gives you the opportunity to get the best plant money can buy.

Finishing Times

Every grower’s production needs are unique, so it’s important that you can choose from a wide assortment of varieties and sizes to fit your budget and timing demands. Find support for key crops including container finishing times by browsing our Grower Resources.

*Estimated finishing times depend on variety, region and planting time.

Shared Best Practices

For decades, both Bailey and Carlton employed strict cultural practices and techniques to produce the best quality bareroot plants. Our teams work closely, sharing information and learning daily about ways to improve how we produce nursery stock for you.


This program is designed to stimulate coarse rooted plants to produce more fibrous root systems and proportional canopies.

Starch Testing

In Oregon, we confirm the amount of sugar-starch levels in the root systems before we harvest to ensure dormancy has been met.

Cold Storage

Our refrigerated storage facilities encompass over 12 acres of warehouses located in Minnesota and Oregon. Sophisticated systems maintain temperatures at 36 degrees F, and humidity levels at 98% from the time the first crops are dug and graded in the fall to final shipments in June.

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