Planting Tips

To maximize your success with Bareroot material, pay special attention to how you plant the trees, shrubs and roses. These are simple tips for the best results.

For trees, plant with the root flare at soil level to avoid stem girdling roots.

For shrubs and roses, plant with the crown at soil level.

Never cram roots into a container; root prune to fit into the designated pot.

Always prune for an even 
root-to-top ratio.

Especially for trees, it’s important that your root ball and top are of similar size. Even if your tree or shrub has a smaller root mass, still prune the top aggressively to keep the plant balanced.

Care & Handling

So your Bareroot shipment has arrived – now what? How do you handle it now and until it gets planted? Then how do you bring it out of dormancy? Here are a few easy-to-follow tips and tricks to take full advantage of this great product line.


Once shipment arrives, check for any major breakage and prune those branches.


Keep roots moist by watering them and covering with straw, hay or a tarp.


Until you’re ready to plant or pot, keep them protected from the elements in a cool, refrigerated storage space.

Sweating & Forcing Bud Break

If you received a tree or shrub that goes especially dormant during winter cold storage, they will need a little extra push to break bud. This can be done by sweating the plant in a moist location between 45°F and 70°F. Follow these steps for a consistent, healthy crop:


Lay the plant material on its side and cover with wet packing material like straw or shingle tow.


Cover with a plastic sheet.


Periodically check to make sure roots are moist.


Once buds swell, typically after a few days, product is ready for planting or potting.

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