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Turns a Blandscape into a Landscape

Over a hundred unique varieties of premium shrubs, trees, evergreens and vines, each one selected and tested for success. Enjoy first-in-class genetics, regional assortments, attractive packaging and national marketing support.

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Featured Varieties

Our First Editions® collection offers a simple, beautiful solution for any project, anywhere. Our regional assortments thrive in both warm and cold climates, so wherever you’re selling, we’re growing.


Berry White Hydrangea™


Straight Talk Privet™

Best Seller

Crimson Fire Fringe Flower™

Best Seller

Little Devil Ninebark™

Best Seller

Vintage Jade Distylium

Best Seller

Plum Magic Crapemyrtle

Always Growing

Introducing great plants starts with great genetics, be it through objective-driven breeding work within Bailey Innovations™ or partnerships with other breeders. Our approach to adding new products to First Editions® is straight forward; it has to be a meaningful improvement for the market.

First Editions potted plants

Nationwide Distribution

With an expansive network of trusted licensed growers, First Editions® plants are readily available across North America.

First Editions growing locations and distribution map

Cultivate New Customers

First Editions® offers retailer marketing resources to help you promote your business, and engage new and existing customers across a variety of platforms.

First Editions hydrangea

How Bailey Can Help You Grow

We know production success begins with the proper liner. So no matter how you grow or what your schedule is, our Bareroot, JumpStarts® potted liners and Finished Plant offerings will ensure First Editions® lives up to its name for our growers.

Partnership that’s always in season.

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