Plant Breeders

The success of any new plant introduction hinges on selecting an experienced partner. 
Having trust in that partner to strategically market, drive sales and maximize your royalty income is key.

A trusted plant introduction partner

By choosing Bailey Nurseries, you get:

• A passionate introduction company with a proven track record of success

• Resources committed to testing, marketing, propagating, producing and distributing product through multiple market channels

• A vast network of licensees across North America and beyond

• Fair royalties income generation for its breeding partners

• A symbiotic relationship with breeders, where the whole is greater than the parts

• A partner who understands the marketplace, its opportunities and what’s next

Bailey Nurseries

Proving Success

Bailey Nurseries’ commitment to getting it right starts with rigorous trialing and evaluation, which includes:

• Tough-to-root propagation at our state-of-the-art Carlton Plants tissue culture lab in Oregon

• Secure, quarantined propagation and testing facilities in Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois and Georgia

• In-ground and container test areas

• Integrated computer system that tracks progress

• Integrated database and team that tracks progress within our trial network

Partnering with a Breeder

In-house breeding is an important part of our mission, so we understand your pride and passion. But we also know the challenges you’ll face and the resources needed to succeed. That's where Bailey Innovations can help. As a plant development and trialing company, Bailey values the learning process and relationship it has with breeders to bring exciting new plants to market.

Choosing the Best Path Forward

Bailey Nurseries has many options to bring new plants to market, including our well-known consumer brands, direct licensing to individual growers and custom licensing to other programs. Our Plant Development Team works with growers and retailers in North America and worldwide to gain market insight. Using that insight, we'll work with you to determine which channel can give you the best return on investment possible.

The longevity of our Endless Summer®, First Editions® and Easy Elegance® brands demonstrate the potential of our partnerships. Whether the introduction occurs through one of our branded programs or some other market channel, you’ll find our ability to navigate a crowded marketplace is second to none. We share financial success with breeders, and continually strive to discover and introduce revolutionary new genetics.

Consumer Brands

If you’ve got a new plant idea,
we’d love to talk.