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The First Eclipse® Of Its Kind

We understand that to add another plant – especially a hydrangea – to your mix requires something totally unique. And Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea delivers, earning its place in your growing field, on your retail shelf, and in your customers’ landscapes. It’s a leap forward, providing the crowded hydrangea marketplace with a different solution.


Dark Leaves That Stay Dark

You can’t talk about Eclipse® without bragging about its foliage. With dark purple, almost black, coloration, it is a standout. Eclipse® holds that dark color all season, even after being cut back or when grown in warm climates where other hydrangeas start to go green.

Outstanding Disease Resistance

Because the leaves are so important for Eclipse®, we really needed to be sure they stayed clean all season long. The disease resistance is fantastic, especially with the big hydrangea concerns: powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot. From production to the landscape, the foliage isn’t bogged down by disease, reducing inputs for growers, making it a multi-season seller for retail, and a low-maintenance plant for landscapers.


Excellent Versatility

Because Eclipse® can grow up to five feet tall and wide, it’s a fantastic landscape plant. Give it a couple of years to settle into the garden and it’ll be an impressive planting. But with that striking foliage and fabulous flower, it’s also stunning in a decorative pot.

This versatility gives you even more ways to sell Eclipse® and pair it with containers, soil, and fertilizer. And even though we have listed Eclipse® as Zone 5, those of you in colder climates can certainly sell it as a container plant and put on an amazing show in lieu of – or in addition to – colorful annuals!


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