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JumpStarts® In Georgia, A Regional Hotspot

First Editions Eclipse Hydrangeas JumpStarts

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Over the years, Bailey has expanded to multiple sites across the country, giving you easy access
to a wide range of plants. One of these sites is in Georgia, where Bailey offers JumpStarts® liners
to growers across this regional hotspot. This propagation farm is adjacent to Bailey
Innovations™, the in-house breeding facility that brings new shrub genetics to the market.

Justin Schulze, the Operations Manager for Bailey Innovations™, shares why this site was
selected for propagation. “We’re in a good position to build up new introductions as a
propagation site and distribute them to the grower network, so having a place in the Southeast
to distribute locally and save customers on shipping costs is beneficial and gives customers
flexibility with product timing.”

Flexibility is a key focus of the program, as the JumpStarts® potted liner is designed to prevent circling roots and allow growers to plant throughout the growing season. From the Georgia farm, you can order various shrubs, including Distylium, Vitex, Lagerstroemia, and Hydrangea. “For customers in the south, we’re getting positive feedback about these liners, especially the Distylium, which fills out quickly in containers and helps customers sell them in a short amount of time,” Justin adds. The JumpStarts® liner is sold from other Bailey sites as well, including Minnesota and Oregon.

This location is smaller than other Bailey farms, and the team has quickly grown in the last few
years as the program expands. “The farm is small, so everyone helps out with the propagation
at certain times of the year, and it’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since the program
began,” Justin says.

And the growth will continue as the farm adds another acre of greenhouse, which will be ready
to house liners toward the end of 2024. “The additional space will be essential to our growth
and will help growers that need a bigger quantity,” Vickie adds.


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Interested in becoming a Bailey customer? Click here to fill out a new account form.

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