May 8, 2024 Bareroot, Grower

Expand your Offerings with Late Season Bareroot

Unloading bareroot from truck

Spring is a great time for adding to your bareroot orders. And guess what? Our coolers in Minnesota and Oregon continue running into June, giving you a fresh supply of shrubs and trees to fill your inventory gaps and stage crop cycles. After spending a long winter in cold storage, these liners are ready to hit the ground running in your production. Choose from a wide selection of liners to fill your needs and deliver the best product for your customers.

For over 100 years, Bailey has been supplying the industry with bareroot liners, and we’ve continued to examine our practices to maximize the quality of each plant. In storage, we take extra steps to ensure the plants remain hydrated and are given the right amount of space and air flow to accommodate each species. And to keep the quality consistent, our team frequently monitors each plant from harvest to shipping, allowing these liners to thrive in the long run.

Team member inspecting the bareroot tree bundles

If you’re looking for tips on handling late season bareroot, check out this guide for information about receiving, planting, and pruning your late season delivery.

Please note that Bailey is a wholesale supplier for the horticulture industry. If you’re a home gardener, please head to the Find A Retailer page to locate plants near you.