Create Color Throughout The Season

Don’t be afraid to get a little dirt under your nails! Creating a garden that is the envy of your friends and neighbors is easy and fun! If you’re creating a new garden area, first map your desired shape. Tip: Use your garden hose to layout the shape. The hose is flexible and will give you the chance to experiment before you dig.

Once you have removed all the grass from your new garden area, think about raising or mounding some part of the garden by bringing in some additional soil. This will add character to a flat area, can help with drainage and allows you to make more plants visible!

Next is the fun part, adding your plants! Mix it up by adding taller plants towards the middle of your garden, such as the Korean Lilac tree in this photo. Add shrubs and perennial to fill-in and give you color all season long. Tip: Remember to look at the plant labels for: sun and shade requirements, final size and flowering time. Add plants that will flower at different times of the season so you always have color in your garden! Enjoy!