Frequently Asked Questions
About POP Materials

  1. What are the dimensions of the products you offer?

    We offer a number of standard sized products:

    • Small billboards — 5" tall x 7" wide
    • Large billboards — 7" tall x 11" wide
    • Small poster (corex) — 23.5" tall x 16.5" wide
    • Large poster — 34" tall x 24" wide
    • Vertical banner — 40" tall x 18" wide
    • Horizontal banner — 36" tall x 60" wide
    • Bench Tape — 4” & 6" tall x 50-100' long with an 18" repeat
    • Cut vinyl lettering and numbering

    In addition, custom sizes and materials are also available.

  2. What materials are the products you offer printed on?

    • Billboards — printed on adhesive backed vinyl and then mounted to styrene.
    • Corex/Posters — printed on adhesive backed vinyl and then mounted to Coroplast.
    • Vertical and horizontal banners — printed directly on an 18oz outdoor banner material made up of a heavy duty nylon mesh with an overlay of a block-out material and a latex finish coat.

    In addition, custom sizes and materials are also available.

  3. Do you use sunfast ink?

    Yes, Bailey Signage Solutions uses sunfast inks.

  4. Are these products weatherproof?

    Yes, all of these products are weatherproof. They are built to last outdoors or in.

  5. How long do you expect these products to last? More than one season?

    On average, most garden centers are able to get 2-3 season out of these POP materials. Some report being able to use them even longer.

  6. Can I customize these POP materials with my own company name, logo, prices, etc.? How do I do it?

    Yes, these products are customizable. You are able to add your company name and logo to the billboards, corex/posters, and banners in the space allotted. Prices and pot sizes can be added to billboards. In the space provided on the order form, please indicate which products you would like to customize. You will need to e-mail Bailey Signage Solutions with your company logo so we can print it on your POP materials.

  7. Do you also offer the fixtures I’ll need to display these materials on? How do I order them? Will you ship the whole order together?

    Yes, Bailey Signage Solutions offers the fixtures needed to display these standard POP materials. They are listed at the end of the order form so you can order all of your materials together. All items will be shipped together whenever possible.

  8. Do you guarantee the POP materials? Are there any conditions of guarantee?

    Bailey Signage Solutions guarantees our products for one season. We will replace any product that fails from normal use. We will not cover products that are misused or abused.

  9. Is there a minimum order? Do I have the choice of ordering single or multiple copies of the things I need?

    There is no minimum order required. You may order as many or as few of each item as you like.

  10. How much do you charge for shipping?

    Bailey Signage Solutions will charge actual shipping charges plus a handling fee. Most orders will ship by UPS and SpeeDee.

  11. What forms of payment do you accept?

    Bailey signage solutions accepts payment under your Bailey Nurseries account and by all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

  12. Who do I call if I have questions about my POP order?

    When you place your order, you will be assigned an inside sales representative with Bailey Signage Solutions, who will be your contact for all of your questions about your order including payment, changes, and order status.

  13. Once I place my order, how long does it take to get it?

    Your order will be shipped from Bailey Signage Solutions in two weeks from the date of order confirmation (after final proofing). During our busy season it can take up to 3 weeks and slower times of the year it can be less. Proofing time can vary considerably depending on complexity of the order.

  14. Where will my order be shipped from?

    Your order will generally be shipped directly from Bailey Signage Solutions in Newport, Minnesota. Some custom items may ship direct from the manufacturer, if not created here.