Launching production to new heights

With demand for nursery product on the rise, JumpStarts®potted liners make it easier to round out woody ornamental production and increase inventory turns. The liners are specifically designed to keep transplant shock at a minimum and keep plant quality where it needs to be.

Getting to the root of it

Our team of growers at Bailey Nurseries wanted a product that would transplant without shock. Through years of research and development, we designed the hexagonal cell that inhibits root circling, therefore reducing transplant shock and stress that ultimately slows down production. We wanted to make sure your production was as simple as possible.

Make Jumpstarts® a part of your production program.

  • Who?
    Growers in need of a fast-finish liner for field and container program.
  • What?
    A broad list of shrub varieties, including top sellers from the Endless Summer®, First Editions® & Easy Elegance® Collections.
  • Where?
    Available to ship from our Minnesota greenhouse and Oregon facility.
  • Why?
    Because we know how important it is to have a quality, consistent liner from a partner you trust that has walked the same production road as you have.

JumpStarts® specifics

  • Tray size: 13.80" x 23.02"
  • 15 cells per tray
  • Plug width: 3.9"
  • Plug depth: 4.2"
  • Special hexagonal plug configuration
  • Available throughout the growing season
JumpStarts Shipping Rack