Plant Care


Now that you know what soil type you have, you can use that information to your advantage when deciding whether or not to apply fertilizer to your landscape plants.


Fertilizer has a tendency to ‘leach’ through sandy soils, meaning that it can wash away from the root system and not become available to the plant. Conversely, heavy clay soils hold fertility quite well.

Many landscape plantings will benefit from a spring application of a simple, well-balanced slow-release fertilizer. You can find these at the garden center in granular form, spikes and water-soluble types which you mix up in your watering can. Choose what you find easiest to use.

When applying fertilizer, FOLLOW THE LABEL DIRECTIONS! Do not over fertilize because you can damage the plant severely by burning the roots.

Some plants benefit from additional applications of fertilizer through the season. Roses in particular are heavy feeders, and can be fed monthly through mid summer. Annual flowers will also perform beautifully when fed regularly throughout the summer, and the water soluble types are perfect for your flowers, especially in containers.

Not sure what type of fertilizer to use? Ask the professional at your garden center. Be sure to be prepared to tell them what types of plants you want to fertilize and they will help you with the proper product.