First Editions® Flip Side® Chastetree

Vitex x 'Bailtexone' PPAF

This beauty is a seedling selection from Vitex trifolia ‘Purpurea’ x V. agnus-castus that combines the best of both parents. Flip Side® is cloaked in 8-inch panicles of fragrant, deep purple flowers that attract a nonstop parade of pollinators. It’s also a strong rebloomer. Flip Side® got its name because the greyish olive-green leaves are dusky purple on the lower surface. While V. trifolia ‘Purpurea’ is only hardy to Zone 9, Flip Side® has been hardy in Athens, Georgia for a number of years, surviving a Zone 7 winter. Flip Side® is much more compact than either parent. This is a very cool plant for warmer regions.

Plant Specs

  • Zone:7-9
  • Bloom cycle:Recurrent
  • Height:6-8'
  • Exposure:Full Sun
  • Width:8-10'
  • Petal count:
  • Flower color:Purple
  • Flower form: