Easy Elegance® Yellow Submarine Rose

Rosa 'BAIine' PP16,659

Clusters of bright lemon-yellow blossoms age to soft yellow and finally to white, creating a spectrum of yellows on one plant. This beauty has an upright habit and disease-resistant foliage. Most attractive planted in groups with other shrubs and perennials. Crown hardy in zone 4 with mulch for winter protection. Own root.

Plant Specs

  • Zone:5-9
  • Bloom cycle:Recurrent
  • Height:2-4'
  • Exposure:Full Sun
  • Width:2-3'
  • Petal count:32
  • Flower color:Medium yellow
  • Flower form:Full, 2"

Culture Sheets

Easy Elegance Culture Sheet

North American Growers

North America Growers Map
1 Bailey Nurseries, Inc. 9 Midwest Groundcovers
2 Cottage Gardens 10 Overdevest Nurseries
3 Dewars Nurseries, Inc. 11 Prides Corner Farms
4 Holmberg Farms, Inc. 12 Stokley Nursery
5 J. Berry Nursery 13 Trees USA
6 Kankakee Nursery Co. 14 Wilson Nurseries
7 Kraemer's Nursery, Inc.